Coley Fluid, also known as Coley’s Toxins, has been observed to cure many cases of advanced cancer in humans. Often the cures were produced by combination of Coley Fluid with surgery and/or radiation in patients not expected to be cured by surgery and/or radiation. The majority of single-agent Coley cures were patients whose tumors could be injected directly with the vaccine. In light of these cures, a research agenda should begin with a simple question; how did Coley Fluid cure cancer? But no one is asking. The rumor is that Coley somehow did something wrong, that the well is poisoned. That rumor exists today because of a series of regulatory and political peradventures involving the National Institutes of Health, the US Congress, and the Food and Drug Administration. Coley Fluid was marginalized not by intent but incompetence after more than 60 years, without refutation, in the medical literature. Review the historical evidence of the regulatory errors that led to insurmountable research barriers, and sign a petition for taxpayer-funded research into the most effective single-agent anticancer treatment in medical history.