Medical Professionals

Doctor, do you have a patient whose disease has escaped management? Do you lack triage elements to make an ethical referral? Nurse, are you frustrated that your patient is not responding? Healthcare practitioners with troubled cancer cases, consider an outside-the-box management based on the high-impact science of Dr Polly Matzinger — the oncoimmunology practice of St Andrews Clinic under board-certified oncologist/surgeon Dr Rafael Cedeño.

Dr Matzinger’s Danger Model has made transformative change in the fields of transfusion and transplantation, but she remains dissatisfied with oncology. In her own words: “I think that the model has the most potential impact in therapy for hemophilia, where danger-based clinical trials are beginning to occur, and for tumor therapy. However, the tumor experts do not seem to be listening. Approximately 10 years ago, I suggested that we have the capacity to clear 80% of tumors with immunotherapy, yet we are not doing it. The reason is that immunotherapy is not being properly used. What you think influences what you do. If you think about the immune system in one way you will do something different to someone who thinks about it in another way.”

The St Andrews Clinic team thinks about the immune system in “another way”, and we use it to clear tumors.

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