Censured for curing cancer: the American experience of Dr. Max Gerson. 2nd edition.

Censured for Curing Cancer - book cover

Censured for Curing Cancer – book cover
My editor had OK’d the story, “The Unveiling of a Quack,” and now I faced the man whom the power of the press would squash like a bug.

“Five times,” he said in response to my question, “the Medical Society of the County of New York sent a committee here to investigate my methods. I let them see patients, X-rays, records, everything.”

“And what were the results of those investigations?”

“I don’t know,” Dr. Gerson replied. “They have never revealed them.”

I left Dr. Gerson and wrote the Medical Society of the County of New York, as follows: “We have no feeling one way or the other concerning Dr. Gerson’s treatment except that of public responsibility… Is there any way we can be advised of the nature of your findings?”

Their reply was to embark me on the strangest, most frustrating story of my life… the story of a man who by absolute record had cured people of cancer, including children, and his incredibly courageous and lonely fight against the forces of organized medicine.

–– S.J. Haught

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