Juices & Juicing

CARROT-APPLE JUICE (= 8 oz juice)

3 large carrots (16 oz)

1 large green apple (6 oz)


GREEN DRINK (= 8 oz juice)

1 medium apple

1/4 green pepper

4 leaves watercress

2 leaves red cabbage

2-3 small inner leaves chard

4-5 leaves escarole

1/4 head  romaine lettuce


Note: A simplified quick green juice = 1/2 Head Romaine lettuce + 1 apple.

Preparation of Juices

Citrus Juices: Squeeze with a reamer type juicer of glass, plastic, porcelain, or an electric machine. DO NOT use any juice press into which the orange is inserted with the peel. DO NOT use aluminum juicers.

Making juice for the day: People used to be told to make juices fresh each hour and drink them immediately. They do taste best this way, but it isn’t always possible to do.   Interviewing people who survived cancer, we found a large number who made all of their juices for the day in the morning, storing them in jars in the refrigerator kept fresh by adding 1 tsp vitamin C (ascorbic acid) per quart of juice (see chart, right). It is instructive that the historical record reveals that Dr. Max Gerson himself sent formerly bedfast, recovering patients back to school or the workplace with thermoses of carrot-apple juice. Not only was this necessary and beneficial for the patients, it was the best way to advertise the real medical success of his program.

Please note: The following once-a-day juicing schedule includes medications that you will not obtain until you are seen by your AltCTEP doctor. During the Headstart program, please prepare the juices as described below and add the ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C). For the time being, don't worry about the other medications. Just drink the juices hourly according to the Sample Schedule in part III above.


Carrot Juice (2 quarts)

5-6 lbs carrots

6-8 green apples


Green Juice (1 quart)

3-4 green apples

Small handful of watercress

8 small leaves chard

1 lg head romaine lettuce

1 small green pepper

1” wedge red cabbage

Small handful of escarole